The situation of people with disabilities was discussed with pupils of theoretical high school ”Mihai Eminescu” from Fălești region.

People with disabilities, problems they face were the subject of the activity organized by the Center for Human Rights of Moldova on 12 November 2014 in the 8th grade of theoretical high school ”Mihai Eminescu” from Fălești region.

Pupils discussed about the discrimination against persons with disabilities, have appreciated the situation of this category of people even in their own locality. Children were aware of the various difficulties that are faced by people with disabilities, they discussed about the modalities of their social integration. 

Participants on this activity defined by examples the environment without obstacles they talked about other opportunities for persons with disabilities: special programs and applications on the Internet, literature edited with Braille alphabet, audio books and social integration programs from the community.

Children have demonstrated knowledge of the proposed topic, actively sought solutions for a future change of the situation and realized the need to combat all forms of discrimination against persons with disabilities and the need for a joint effort of the society in order to ameliorate the situation of this category of people.

It should be noted that pupils from this high school, outside the school hours, carry out activities related to support providence for people with disabilities by visiting them and assisting in some cases, collection of charitable aid.