There is an application form for addressation to the Parliamentary advocate?

Yes, there is a FORM of Address.

What is not a subject of Parliamentary advocate’s examination?

In accordance with Art. 16 of the Law on Parliamentary Advocates Nr. 1349 of 17. 10. 97 complaints witch way of examination is provided by the legislation of criminal procedure, civil procedure as well as administrative contravention and labor legislation are not a subject of Parliamentary advocate’s examination.

Is there a deadline for addressing to the parliamentary advocate?

The request to the Parliamentary advocate shall be submitted before the expiry of one year from the date of the alleged violation of constitutional rights and freedoms of the petitioner or the day when petitioner learned about the alleged infringement.

Who can address to the Parliamentary advocate?

The Parliamentary advocates investigate the complaints of citizens of Republic of Moldova, foreign citizens and stateless persons residing permanently or temporarily in its territory, hereinafter referred to as petitioners, whose rights and freedoms have been violated in the Republic of Moldova.

What is the subject of Parliamentary advocates examination?

Parliamentary Advocates examine requests concerning decisions or actions (inaction) of central and local public authorities, institutions, organizations and enterprises, whatever the type of ownership, public associations and officials of all levels which in the opinion of the petitioner, violated their rights and constitutional freedoms