The role of the Center for Human Rights of Moldova is decisive in forming of public opinion upon the respect of human rights. Parliamentary advocates and the CHRM employees are designed to ensure the respectation of human rights in Moldova and report on existing shortcomings in this regard, asking authorities to intervene promptly to remove deficiencies and remedy the occurred situations. To achieve this goal is only possible through effective communication with state administration representatives, civil society and international partners.

The Instructive Programs and Public Relations Service is a division in frame of the CHRM responsible for information and communication, legal education of the population regarding human rights and reinstatement in violated rights. The service ensures the development and publication of information materials, organizing events for public information and promovation of human rights.

Although to last 15 years in wich CHRM has accumulated some experience of cooperation with various institutions and organizations, the development of publications on the topic of promoting human rights in terms of effective communication there are large gaps. So, the Centre for Human Rights is not yet perceived as national institution for the protection of human rights, population and even some civil servants are poorly informed about the duties of Parliamentary advocates and their role in the restoration of violated citizens rights.

In this way, a priority to this moment is the establishment of one open and extensive communication with the media institutions, active NGOs in human rights, public institutions, international organizations and other stakeholders interested in fully achievement of functional tasks for citizen’s benefit and interest. The Launch of the new version of CHRM’s website, which was designed to be more accessible and useful for the public, is one of the actions  in order to bring us closer to people and to give informational support that they need. In this way, we invite our media, social and international partners to a closer cooperation, let us ready to support any ideas and projects to help promote human rights and better information of citizens.

We will also continue to offer to the citizen all information and any materials, publications available in CHRM in the area of the respect of fundamental rights and freedoms. In this regard the employees of the Instructive Programs and Public Relations Division can be contacted on phone - 022 23 48 00; GSM : 060002656; 060002667 

or by email: