The rights of people with disabilities were discussed with the pupils of theatral gymnasium ”Ion Luca Caragiale”

Within the Decade of Human Rights held by the Centre of Human Rights from Moldova, on 5 December at theatral Gymnasium  "Ion Luca Caragiale" was held a meeting with pupils from sixth grade "A". The topic of discussion was "People with disabilities: between discrimination and tolerance". Pupils analyzed the situation of people with disabilities and became aware of many problems faced by these people. Children have realized the need for social protection of persons with disabilities and the need of changing the society attitude and each of them towards this group of persons.

Pupils discussed the social causes of discrimination and proposed solutions for changing of the situation, motivated the need for tolerance as an active attitude generated by the recognition of the rights of the human being. Also children concluded that tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of differences between people, kinds of expression and manners of expressing our quality of human beings.

The concerned activity is designed to educate children in a spirit of respect for human rights and the rights of people with disabilities in particular.