Press conference dedicated to International Children's Day

The Head of Children Rights Protection Service within the People’s Advocate Office, Tatiana Crestenco, held a press conference on the topic “Observance of Child Rights in the Republic of Moldova” The conference was dedicated to International Children's Day and constituted the end of children rights promotion week, organized by the People’s Advocate Office between  May 25 and June 1, 2015.

During the conference were listed a number of issues related to the protection of children's rights, which were targeted by the ombudsman institution in the current year: the situation of children in penitentiary institutions, providing a high quality of free legal assistance, special spaces for hearing of child victims / witnesses of criminal offenses, under the provisions of art. 110/of penal procedure Code, access of children with special needs to secondary education graduation exams, problems relating to termination of guardianship / curatorship and poor development of alternative services of residential institutions, lack of action from guardianship authorities, who have honored their functional responsibilities, have not monitored the activity of guardians and have not provided counseling and necessary assistance, poor development of family type services, child rights violations is observed in the field of ensuring the right to qualified health care, the growing number of children that leave home. Also, the press was informed about the campaign "25 years of Republic’s of Moldova ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child", the People’s Advocate Office has begun on 20 November 2014, thus being planned and conducted monthly work sessions, meetings where are discussed various problems of children's rights protection.


Office press-release  

Press-conference (video)