„One Hour of the Life of a Blind from Moldova” - an activity organized by the Office of the People's Advocate on the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities

On December 3 current, on the International Day of People with Disabilities, with the topic „Empowering People with Disabilities, Inclusion and Equality”, the Office of the People's Advocate organized the activity „One Hour of the Life of a Blind from Moldova”. This took place in the Telecentru sector of the capital where more people with visual impairments are living.

Within the activity, the employees of the Office of the People's Advocate, journalists from Moldova 1, TV8, TVR Moldova television stations accompanied a blind, Nicolae Ciobanu, on his route from the block of flats where he lives up to the minibus station. The participants in the activity discussed with the blind on the barriers he faces in walking on this segment of the road, but also about the problems related to the lack of physical accessibility in the capital in whole, of the social and informational infrastructure. The activity took place with the involvement of a group of volunteers from the National Youth Council who passed the same route with their eyes tied, being interviewed how they felt like in the position of a blind. Eugenia Graur, the vice-praetor of the Centru Sector of the capital was also present.

The purpose of the activity organized by the Office of the People's Advocate was to raise the awareness of the public opinion, of the municipal decision-makers on the issues of blind people, people with disabilities as a whole, and the importance of creating conditions to ensure their social inclusion. The access to public space is a serious problem faced by the majority of people with disabilities, not just by those in the category of people with visual impairment, on whom was focused the action organized by the Ombudsman Institution. „Not mercy, but equal opportunities!” The main message of the activity was that people with disabilities are equal members of our society and must have all the necessary conditions to live their lives and get involved in the public life.