A gravely situation of one family from Anenii Noi has changed as a result of Ombudsman intervention.

Citizens A.M. and L.C. submitted a petition to the ombudsman Office and complained  the fact on their right to health and social protection, access to education, access to public health services and the right to a decent life, injury.

In order to examine the circumstances exposed in the concerned complaint, on October 30, 2014 was held a working meeting in Bulboaca village, anenii Noi district with the presence of ombudsman Tudor Lazăr, UN Human Rights Adviser in Republic of Moldova Claude Cahn, mayor of Bulboaca village Nicolae Bălănel, as well as decision makers from Anenii Noi District Council. During the meeting were discussed issues related to the possibility for providing living space, establishment of disability degree for the child under the age of 3 years and his registration in the kindergarten from the locality, as well as providing of social allowances referred to vulnerable families.

On the Ombudsman Tudor Lazăr and UN Human Rights Adviser in Republic of Moldova Claude Cahn intervention, competent bodies reacted promptly in solving of the problems faced by these families.

On December 4, 2014 inside the Bulboaca’s village Hall was organized another working meeting in the same composition, in order to evaluate the results of taken actions on the concerned case.

Thus, with the support of Bulboaca’s village Hall from Anenii Noi district, the mentioned family was granted with the right to have a a living space in the village Roşcana from the same district. Also the issue of child registration in the kindergarten from this locality will be discussed at the meeting of the local Council on December 16, 2014 the mayor of Bulboaca village Nicolae  Bălănel assured that this issue will be solved.

In the same time the mayor of Bulboaca said that in short terms M. family will receive humanitarian aid provided by the evangelical community and "Betania" NGO, in order to support vulnerable families from this locality.

The Social Assistance and family Protection Division from Anenii Noi District at the moment has taken all necessary measures related to M. family for benefit of social assistance that has been received by this family. The division continues to seek solutions for granting the child with disability degree and providing him with orthopedic footwear.

The Ombudsman will continue to monitor the situation of the family M.