Activity of human rights propagation at the "Gheorghe Asachi" lyceum.

Within the Decade of human rights the ombudsman office organized an activity related to human rights spreading in the eighth grade of Romanian-French High School "Gh. Asachi".

The topic of the discussion was the equality between women and men. The activity was conducted in the form of interactive game a modality highly favored by children. Pupils meditated on the differences between men and women as well on what does have in common these two sexes, were analyzed various stereotypes about men and women, children argued why stereotypes are wrong and tried to understand from where these prejudices come from.

Various aspects of gender equality were analyzed from the perspective of human relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. Pupils realized the need for gender equality in everyday life, the need of affirmation and promotion of gender equality, based on dignity and integrity.

This activity was useful in terms of students active civic position education and respect for human rights.