Representative Office of CHRM in Varniţa helped in obtaining of identity documents

Representative office of the CHRM in Varniţa resolved several complaints of citizens from left bank of Nistru, linked to documentation procedure at Tighina’s population registration and documentation section. Several people submitted complaints to the Representative Office, related to unjustified refusal or creation of various bureaucratic blockagesand delays in perfecting  of identity cards.

At the Representative Office of the Center for Human Rights of Moldova in Varniţa  has addressed with a request citizen S.S. inhabitant from the area of left bank of Nistru, an orphan child, who tried to make identity documents of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova. The petitioner invokes the existence of bureaucratic barriers imposed artificially by organs of the R. Moldova, barriers, which petitioner, after several attempts, failed to overcome.

In order to examine the circumstances exposed in concerned complaint the Head of Varnița Representative Office, Veaceslav Ursu organized several meetings with the representatives of the competent bodies from Tighina, Head of registry court from Varniţa.village.

Following joint discussions and consultations, conducted by Veaceslav Ursu with official representatives, analysis of all documents in the file of S.S., were found possibilities to document the petitioner with Moldovan identity documents. Thus, shortly after the intervention of the CHRM’s Varnița Representative Office, citizen S.S. obtained the necessary documents.

In a letter, addressed to the ombudsman institution, petitioner S.S. expresses gratitude for the granted support in solving of her problem.

The Center for Human Rights of Moldova will continue to monitor the situation with issuance of identity documents by the citizens from the left bank of Nistru.

Scrisoarea  de mulțumire a petiționarei S.S.