Protection of the rights of children in Moldova, discussed with members of the National Student Council

On August 22nd, 2016, the Ombudsperson for the Protection of Child Rights, Maia Bănărescu, discussed the enforcement of children's rights in Moldova with members of the National Students Council, joint in a working meeting at VadulluiVoda.

At the meeting, the young people expressed their opinion on the respect of the freedom of expression, non-discrimination and the right to information in the context of the right to education in the educational institutions where they study.

Young people spoke about their experience of inclusion of children with disabilities in schools and how, together with the teachers, facilitate the participation of the disabled students in school activities.

During the discussions, they tackled the problem of violence and the Ombudsperson for Children talked about the legislative, administrative, social and educational to protect the child from all forms of violence.

Maia Bănărescu believes that the work of authorities and educational institutions must offer the children confidence that their fundamental human rights and freedoms are ensured, as well as the principles consecrated in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.