The Minister of Health and the Children's Ombudsperson will collaborate to ensure the child's right to health care

The Ombudsperson for Children's Rights, Maia Bănărescu, met on July 26, 2016, the Minister of Health, Ruxandra Glavan.

Among the topics addressed at the meeting was the quality of emergency medical service. Maia Bănărescu stressed the importance of equipping ambulances with modern medical equipment in order to improve and enhance the quality of emergency medical services.

The meeting approached the subject about vaccinating the children and information for parents so that they realize the importance of vaccination and risk of refusing this procedure. In this context, the Minister of Health said that currently administered vaccines are certified by the World Health Organization.

Maia Bănărescu spoke to Ruxandra Glavan about the measures to be taken to ensure access to compensated treatment for patients with diabetes, especially the 400 children diagnosed with the disease, most of them being dependent on insulin.

During the meeting the Children's Ombudsperson also addressed the issue of children with autism. The Ombudsman noted that viable mechanisms and structures must be created to assess children at risk of autism, its correct diagnosis and training of specialists in the treatment and rehabilitation of children affected by this disease.

The parties noted the importance of reinstating the position of pediatric primary care to improve children's access to specialized care. The Minister pleaded for granting the pediatrician the right to prescribe compensated medicines, thus ensuring the child's access to treatment, particularly in rural areas where there are no family doctors.

The Ombudsperson will continue to monitor the enforcement of children's right to health care and will work with the Ministry of Health in this regard.