Maia Bănărescu:,, When sectoral mechanisms will be applied properly and in the interest of the child, then we could speak of respecting children rights”.

The statement was made at press club on the respect for the right to life of the child, held on July 29 by the Office of the Ombudsperson.

At the press club, the Children’s Ombudsperson, Maia Bănărescu referred to her involvement in the examination / monitoring of the cases of abuse and of violence against children, expressing worries about the tragic events of the last period and system problems they foresee.

Talks were attended by chief of Family policy and social assistance for children of the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, RodicaMoraru, head of the General Directorate of MAI, Marin Maxian, deputy head of the Hospital care directorate from the Health Ministry, Galina Morari, executive director of RCTV “Memoria”, LudmilaPopovici, the CNPAC representative – RodicaCoreţchi-Mosanu.

Representatives of public authorities have recognized the deficiencies in preventing and protecting children's rights. However, they stressed that all responsibility should not be passed to the authorities, since parents must be aware of the responsibility that they bear on the proper education of children and ensuring decent living conditions. Children are victims of the environment in which they were raised and educated, thinks the Ombudsperson for Children.

Referring to the cases tragic publicized lately, the participants in the discussion said that the specialist in child rights protection, community social worker, family doctor and officer in the police districts must be severely punished when they do not comply with identification procedures, making registered, placement, setting status, monitoring the situation of children and announce other authorities. If each specialist would perform his duties with responsibility, then wouldn’t be talking now about the deaths of minors.

In this context, the Ombudsperson reiterated the importance of establishing in the local councils a position of child protection specialist, which will help ensure measures to protect minors from abuse and violence. Ombudsperson and called for local resources for hiring these specialists, as required by law.

The parties agreed that to be intensified in the information and accountability to citizens. Each person once identified a risk, it must notify the competent authorities. The collaboration between the community, local, regional and central by exchanging information on issues of common interest depends to avoid tragic cases. In this sense, citizenship education should begin in schools, and a first step would be to revise the curriculum for civics, which should be focused on prevention strategies and improved risk situations.

Maia Bănărescu stressed that authorities are those that break the vicious circle in which the child and give them a chance at a better life, which is why priority should be training of professionals involved in child protection. When cross-cutting mechanisms are applied properly and in the interest of the child, we talk about ensuring that all his rights.

Journalists attending the press club requested details of deaths of minors lately, vagrancy and begging have addressed problems among children, the initiative of establishing the Baby Box system in Moldova.

Maia Bănărescu mentioned the very important role of the media in reporting and monitoring cases of violation of child rights. In this context, the Ombudsperson underlined that she took notice of 14 of these cases from the press. Children's Ombudsperson also stressed the role of educational and instructional media in promoting human rights protection mechanisms and ways of their possibilities to reinstate the rights of people injured.