Maia Bănărescu: It is important for the children to return to their native country and that their rights are enforced.

The Ombudsperson for the Protection of Child Rights, Maia Bănărescu, met on August 22nd, with the participants at the fourth edition of the program DOR - children and adolescents from Diaspora.

The program addresses the second generation of migrants, born in Moldova or abroad. The purpose of inviting them at a summer a camp in Moldova is to strengthen the emotional ties, cultural identity with their country of origin. Maia Bănărescu told the children about the duties of the Ombudsperson for Children's rights, the protection mechanisms to ensure the rights of Moldovan children here and abroad. At the meeting, the Ombudsman spoke about the ways that you can address the Ombudsperson when your rights are being violated. The Ombudsperson believes that it is important to return the children to their native country and enforce their rights.