Travel difficulties for persons with visual disabilities on one of Chisinau city streets were eliminated as a result of the intervention of the Ombudsman Tudor Lazăr

The elimination of any obstacles in accessing of all public services stimulates an independent life for people with disabilities. As is normal, everyone should be able to perform common activities such as using public transport, obtain information from public institutions, safe movement in the community of which they belongs or other cities, all this supporting them in continuing of education or maintaining a job place or other social activities of any kind.

The adapted public space, accessible with guaranteed security for disabled people, is a very important mechanism for independence assurance of those persons.

To the ombudsman's office addressed A.N. citizen, a person with disability of view, invoking the difficulties encountered in moving to work on sidewalks specially designed with bars, which serve as a reference for orientation in space for blind people.

Difficulties (spatial disorientation) were caused by stationing and illegal parking of vehicles on adjoining sidewalks to two entries in the kindergarten yard nr.226 on Viilor Street in Chişinău municipality.

Taking into account that in the concerned area of Chisinau live many people with view disabilities and the indicated by the petitioner problem concerns most of these people, the Ombudsman in order to settle the situation addressed to the National Patrol Inspectorate and General Police Inspectorate.

Chişinău City Hall and National Patrol Inspectorate of Ministry of Interior Affairs ensured that Directorate General of public transport and communication routes within the City Hall of Chişinău, in order to increase the safety of pedestrians,arranged with technical means of directing the road traffic that sector, by installing a road indicator that forbids stopping of vehicles there.

National Patrol Inspectorate of Ministry of Interior Affairs informed that take steps aimed to combat illegal stationary and parking of vehicles on adjoin sidewalks to two entries to kindergarten yard nr.226 on Viilor Street. In this regard, the employees of company Center of II Battalion of Patrol Brigade operates continuously monitoring of this road sector in order to eliminate all existing impediments with fully documentation of those persons who violate the Contravention Code.