Preventive visits to a house of elders and Isolator for preventive detention in Comrat

In order to monitor the observance of fundamental human rights and in accordance with the work plan of the Centre of Human Rights from Moldova, Svetlana Reguş, principal specialist from the CHRM Comrat representative office visited on 20 August 2013 a house for elders located in this village.

In 2012 - early 2013 the Comrat shelter for old people was totally repaired. The conditions within the building are good. All rooms are bright, well ventilated and clean. The institution is supplied with hot water. The shelter has dining, medical, laundry, shower rooms, plumbing, rest room and warehouse, 15 wards. The elders are satisfied with living conditions, food and care.

Shelter’s capacity is for 35 people. On the visit day in the mentioned institution were 22 elders, 7 men and 15 women. The age of beneficiaries is from 57 to 85 years. Six of them are disabled and require the help of another person to move around. Also it was found that one of the problems faced in the shelter is the shortage of roughs for all beneficiaries. The institution has only two roughs and due to that all elders go one by one on walking, bathing or recreation room to watch TV.

In the Shelter activates six assistants, two cooks, a doctor, a nurse and technical staff.

Another preventive visit was made to the Isolator for preventive detention of Comrat district police inspectorate.

On the moment of the visit in the Isolator was detained one person at the criminal prosecution stage. The general state of the cell in which the person was detained was good, being ventilated and bright. Sanitary facilities were operational, the water supplied from the aqueduct. It was found that the detained person had no bed linen. According to the duty officer, the prisoner refused to use isolator linen. Other cells were sealed.

The CHRM’s employee didn’t attested any essential changes related to the overall condition of the isolator’s premises in compared to her previously visit to this place