The Ombudsman for the Protection of Child Rights, Maia Bănărescu is sceptic to the idea of setting up Baby Box system in Moldova. Statements to this effect were made at the Press Club, organized Friday, July 29 at the Office of the Ombudsperson on the topic "Respect for the right to life of the child".

Maia Bănărescu said that following the implementation of Baby Box system, the child can’t achieve the right to identity and that the establishment of this mechanism, in fact, would encourage abandonment of infants. The system in question is contrary to international standards in the protection of children's rights and is not supported by UNICEF.

The Ombudsperson advocates for granting services to help women with unwanted pregnancies and to increase educational activities, to inform young people about the protection measures to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, as well as about the system of protection / assistance that may be granted to a young woman in this condition.

Similar views were expressed by other participants at the club, including representatives of CNPAC, RCTV "Memoria", the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, which also were of the opinion that in order to combate the abandonment of newborns, focus should be on educating and changing the mentality of the population.

Baby Box imposition issue in Moldova is to be discussed by the Children's Ombudsperson with the group of mothers that initiated the online petition to support the implementation of this system in our country. Until the meeting in October, the Ombudsperson will examine the experience of other states applying Baby Box system.