Petition on-line

Please carefully read the information related to the examination way of electronic notifications by the People’s Advocate Office.

 - The web page offers you the opportunity to address to the People’s advocate in an electronic way with suggestions, complaints and referrals.

 - The text size of your notification should not exceed 2000 characters. According to the specificity of issue being addressed, on examination will be involved concerned public authorities.

 - The body that examines the notification has the right to verify truthfulness of the information and to request additional information. Following the notification’s examination, you will receive an electronic response on the e-mail address indicated in the notification.

 - On the submission and examination of electronic notifications confidentiality of personal data and the communicated information is ensured.

 The notifications that will not contain requested mandatory information in the form of the addressation and will not meet the requirements towards electronic documents, including the application of digital signature (Law on Petition nr. 190/ 19.07.94) will not be examined.

 -  If you don’t have an e-mail address, we recommend you to send a request or a petition in written form on paper by post.