Parliamentary advocate Anatolie Munteanu requires to an agricultural enterprises from Rişcani region to reinstate in property rights of two petitioners.

 Citizens M.C. and L.A. have addressed to the Balţi CHRM representative office, citing violation of property rights by agricultural enterprise administrator GAS „Fîntîna Recea”.. According to the petitioners, this enterprise  illegally use the land plots owned by applicants, given to that it was not done any act which would officialize the commissioning in temporary use of mentioned land plots.

Despite these circumstances, GAS „Fîntîna Recea” in illicit way holds private possessions of mentioned persons, without paying for agricultural land use. At the same time, the ownership right   of petitioners regarding mentioned land plots is fully confirmed by their testamentary certificates.

Therefore, the administration GAS „Fîntîna Recea use this land plots in the detriment of the indicated persons, against the owners will. In this way the constitutional rights to private property of petitioners are violated (Article 46 of the Constitution), being ignored art. 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ("No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property"), and other international acts.

Taking into account the above mentioned, the Parliamentary advocate submitted in the address of the administration GAS „Fîntîna Recea one demarche with the recommendation to return of mentioned land plots to its owners