Education Project for Prisoners, Launched at the Initiative of the Ombudsperson

The program for education of prisoners “History of our People” was launched today, October 6, at the Penitentiary No. 4 of Cricova. The program includes thematic exhibitions at all penitentiaries in the country to present exhibits from the collection gathered by the Moldovan collector PetruCostin, winner of the Guinness record, such as military uniforms, coins, icons, horseshoes, etc.

In the gym of the Penitentiary No. 4 of Cricova was exhibited the collection of flags of Moldova, from the rule of Stefan cel Mare and up to now; the collection of icons and religious books of 200 years old. The collection of coins was presented in the form of administrative-territorial map of Moldova, made of coins from different periods, by the students at the High School of the Academy of Science of Moldova.

The People’s AdvocateMihailCotorobai attended the launching event and highlighted the educational and cognitive value of the exhibition. The ombudsman also expressed his belief that the exhibits will present a high interest for the inmates, stimulating their desire to learn about the history, culture, and traditions of the country. The ombudsperson was confident that the exhibits would produce unforgettable impressions, representing an important event for the prisoners. “Any informative and educational activity in the penitentiaries increases the chances for resocialisation and social inclusion of the inmates”, the ombudsman stated.

The Head of the Penitentiary Institutions Department (PID), Ana Dabija, the collector PetruCostin, the head of the Military and Historic Centre, VitalieCiobanu, representatives of the NORLAM Mission, of the NGOs “Regina Pacis”, “ViataNoua”, Eliberare”, and priests have attended the event.