The CHRM Representative Office in Cahul helped the inhabitants of Pelinei village

After the intervention of CHRM Representative Office in Cahul, in April will begin works to install new electricity networks in Pelinei village Cahul region. Functioning of existence electricity networks is defective because of inadequate and old equipment, interruption of electricity supply in the Pelinei village happens frequently. In this way is disturbed the normal way of life and work of citizens from the mentioned locality.

In the petition submitted to CHRM Representative Office in Cahul, a group of inhabitants from the village Pelinei Cahul who live on Chîmpiilor street in the village, complained of the quality of services provided by Î.C.S.RED Union Fenosa.

Because of outdated and inadequate facilities (power line is placed on the pillars of acacia wood, with many stretched conductors that are knotted, slightly) occur frequently disconnection of electricity, which in turn damage the household appliances in some cases may a real danger to peoples life and health.

In the process of case examination, the employees of the CHRM determined that Pelinei town hall in order to solve the aforementioned problem developed a technical project for the construction of new overhead power lines in up to 0.4 kV. On December 21, 2011, the Pelinei town hall submitted this technical project to the Cahul Office of RED UNION FENOSA.

As a response, on 27.12.2011 Vasile  Ciorba, the Manager on distribution of Cahul Gaz Natural Fenosa informed the city hall that all necessary works of the aforementioned project will be planned for completion in accordance with "Regulation on the extension of electricity distribution networks", approved by of the Administrative Council of ANRE Decision Nr. 93 of 19.05.2003.

But this Regulation referred by Basil Ciorba was abrogated by ANRE Administrative Board on 23.11.2011 and in the same day a new regulation was approved by Decision Nr. 439.

Also, since the local public authority submitted the application after September 30, 2011, technical project was not included in the operator's activity plan for 2012. CHRM employees Cahul have determined that neither in 2013 were not planned constructions of electricity networks in Pelinei village, Cahul.

In these circumstances, CHRM Representative Office Cahul called sector network manager that manages the Company's Gas Natural Fenosa South to present the reasonable pleas of why rhe technical project presented by the local public authority was not included in the activity plan for 2013.

On March 27 2013, the CHRM Representative Office in Cahul was informed that according to ANRE Decision was allowed to change the investment plan for 2013 and to include the additional construction of 0.4 kV overhead networks in the locality Pelinei Cahul region. The works will begin in April 2013.